Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In the beginning

Around October last year a long slow burn of foreboding that had been present at the back of my mind for a long time became much more pressing.  A long run of 35+ degree days in Melbourne in early spring could have been seen by most people as nothing more than a brief anomaly - a curiosity for meteorologists and nothing more.  For me it was the proverbial last straw in a mounting wave of evidence that something is seriously wrong.

Around the time that the world was gearing up for the Copenhagen summit on climate change, my sense of foreboding blossomed into a sickening fear that it might already be too late to prevent catastrophic damage to our planet.  In the six months that have passed since that fear has never really left me and nothing I've heard or read has allayed it.  I'm afraid that climate change has already progressed too far, and that sea levels will soon rise above many inhabited areas and that the Great Barrier Reef will die.  I'm afraid that industrial farming practices are killing our prime arable lands and polluting our waterways.  I'm afraid that our reliance on disposable plastics is choking our seas and poisoning both marine animals and ourselves.  I'm afraid that unsustainable farming practices around the world are killing ecosystems and causing extinctions of thousands of species of animal life.  I'm afraid that our reliance on non-renewable fossil fuels to meet our skyrocketing energy and manufacturing requirements is not only polluting our planet, but will also soon deplete those resources past their peak and leave us in a state of diminishing supply and increasing demand without ready alternatives.

Most of all I'm afraid that I'm contributing to these problems.

This blog is about my personal journey to face my fears and to find positive and useful responses.  It's about finding practical changes that I can make in my life and my community to reduce my footprint on the world.  It's about teaching my children the value of the world they're inheriting and how to cherish and protect it.  It's about finding hope for a better future than the one we're creating today.

I invite you to travel with me.